New Year…A New Gig (or a Few of Them)…


cropped colleen kelly mellor as baby(Pic to the right is my baby pic…I’ve got a space in my front teeth a la Lauren Hutton. That’s basically all I have in common with that glamorous older star, but I’m still cute…Right?)

OK, I got a little delayed in posting this Biddy Bytes. That’s reasonable. We hosted Christmas and then got sick (I guess we’re getting too old for all the hullabaloo).  In any case, we’re in North Carolina now and will be for the next few months. It’s ironic:  We’re here to get out of the cold, but it’s colder here…Asheville was -40 degrees this past week (with windchill); -14 degrees otherwise. It was warmer in our home state of Rhode Island.

But on to my message. This year will be busy for me. I am now in hibernation mode to finish my book, Patient Witness, documenting my lifetime experiences with the health care industry. In it, I will peel away layers that have made me who I am–birth family, terrible marriages, bad decisions…how tough life crises made me a powerful advocate. Its message is positive (No Debbie Downer here.)  In the next months, I’ll edit the daylights out of it and prepare it for release.

In addition, I will continue with regular columns in the Providence Journal, about education (another topic near and dear to my heart.) I’ve made the commitment:  I won’t let my 30-year profession be beaten up by those who know nothing about teaching.  There’s been far too much of that. So, I’ll do my part.  Since Sept. 25, 2013, five of my Op-Eds have run in the Providence Journal on aspects of teaching (go to,  then colleen kelly mellor in upper right hand Search bar.)

Finally, I will soon appear in regular columns in Mountain Xpress, the hip weekly magazine, here in the mountains of western North Carolina, where I’ll weigh in on host of issues and I’ll pack those posts with humor. The title of my column? “Asheville Under Glass:  View from the Lens of a Senior.”

So, retirement?  It’s not happening for me, if one means reading…golfing…traveling…relaxing.

Please make a note of the change-over to my new website…I’ll be adding to it in the weeks ahead til it’s complete….Biddy Bytes will morph into a website bearing my own name…one which will house educational Op-Ed’s, humorous anecdotes on the region of Asheville and surrounds, the Grandpa and the Truck books, and Patient Witness….

Now, go to and sign up, too, if you don’t wish to miss any. I’ll look forward to your weighing in on any of the issues I raise. Remember, it’ll take me a few weeks to get the new site all lined up, so please be patient. Below are some time-modified (a euphemism for “older”)colleen kelly mellor--asheville under glass shots of me..Little different from the baby shot above, but still “cute”?

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