“Will You Sleep With Me?”

Yep, that’s the title I was tempted to put on my flyers, with the explanation–later–that I mean the phrase in a figurative sense, only, as in ‘We’ll spend time together, collaborating via e-mail, phone, etc.’)…

You see,  I know I’ll get a reaction, for this is the type of thing that always gets reaction.

Of course, considering I’m 66, I’d need to borrow that inviting silhouette of a much younger woman (the iconic Mudflap Girl,) above, for I’m not Madonna,  you know, the pop star who never seems to age. Mudflap Girl fits the motif, too (as you’ll learn), for she’s a trucker’s staple who often rides along, on the mud flaps of his 18-wheeler.

Then, I’ll explain the real purpose for my ad—to get  someone who’s got artistic flair, a person who can give me time (for hire,) to illustrate my series of children’s books.

What’s my project called?  “Grandpa and the Truck.” In these stories, I’ll narrate the exploits of Husband on his 30-year-career, traveling the nation’s roads as long-haul truck driver, moving households across this great land of ours.

And boy—he’s got tales to tell.  Some I can’t relate, for I “don’t do graphic”–despite the titillating title (above.) Let’s not forget, too, it’s a children’s series.

Recently, and with flyer-ads in hand, Husband and I went to colleges and schools in the Asheville, North Carolina  region (that’s where we are now, for 5 months,) posting them (the real one’s below) in the hopes I can lure someone who believes these could be the next Thomas engine stories  or “Curious George” (I believe in ‘shooting big.’)

Have I got reason to hope?  Well, the nation’s top long-haul trucking e-magazine, Overdrive.com, just featured me and my proposed plan in their December issue and even used my picture. I include the link  here.

Yes, it looks positive…But now I need your help to put a wide net out, for I’m looking for a special person (as the real ad below demonstrates.)  Please help me in my search, so I don’t have to resort to shamelessly-cheap flyers like the one above.

Now, here’s the real ad (But I know I got your attention with the first—and I hope it made you chuckle.)



(I’m fun to work with, so don’t be shy)

Published writer and member of prestigious ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) whose work has appeared in Wall Street Journal, Scripps-Howard, the Providence Journal, and who currently writes   “Encouragement in a Difficult World:  Biddy Bytes Blog” seeks collaborative effort with artist who can enable her children’s series to come to life.

Artists (of any age) invited to apply.

Qualifications?  Artist must manage quick turn-around on drawings, with special talent in incorporating personality to the sketch.  Not looking for precise, detailed work but someone who is more adept at caricature, humor, etc.

Contact Person?  Author Colleen Kelly Mellor

Website:  The one you’re currently reading and www.colleenkellymellor.com (not what you’d be illustrating—just example of writer’s credits.  These do not demonstrate the children’s series.)

*****Even if you’re not sure you’re “a fit,” let’s talk—no harm there.  This is an open call to all artists who live in Rhode Island/Southern New England or Western North Carolina.  And as the title and opening paragraph demonstrate, you’ve got to have a sense of humor…

P.S.  I’m tracking, too, just how many of you clicked in to read this post, based on its title. If I’m right, it’ll bear out what I learned in sales:  In marketing, one’s got to put out the lure…the bait…to get attention.  Then, you’ve got to follow that up with an excellent product. 

I hope to do both…Stay tuned…

I’ll let you know when the first books come hot off the presses.  In meantime, send me an e-mail (at ckmellor@cox.net), if you wish to reserve a copy.



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