Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and the Public’s Right to Know

(Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange received the Sydney Peace Award, in London, on May 10, 2011: Question: What do the Brits. know about this man that we don’t? After all, we villified him.)

This past year news media shouted out Julian Assange’s supposed traitorous acts of spilling the beans to the rest of the world in releasing sensitive State Department documents that demonstrate our government’s alleged involvement in the economic affairs of other nations. He’s been cast as some kind of perverse monster.

He stands accused, too, of profligate sexual perversion, mistreating prostitutes in Sweden, causing the rest of the world to wonder: “Whom are we to believe?“ What’s Assange’s defense? He “likes women” and he makes no bones about the fact he’s availed himself of their favors.

Certainly those in high places would have motivation for blackening Assange’s image. Then, too, those who allege he’s guilty of crimes would appear to be questionable sources at best, trading as they do in “pleasure for hire.“

But here’s what Wikileaks alleges: Our government has a practice of muscling European Union nations to buy products (like Monsanto,) those seeds and feeds those nations refuse out of a health concerns. Why? They fear chemically-altered products, buffeted by additives, considering them risky at best, outright dangerous at worst.

These same products are allegedly promiscuous throughout the United States food chain.

Some weeks ago I was at a party of older folks (all of us were over 55), and I asked the question: “Are any of you struck by the number of young women who appear so well-endowed?” I mean a bust size of double D seems quite common today, although my peers and I only know one classmate in the 60’s who “fit” those dimensions (she had to have her bras “specially built.”)

Their answer? “No…not really…young women today all get breast implants.” It was the general consensus that many young girls’ parents pay for this procedure, in an era when breast augmentation is considered “natural.”

One woman, a health care provider, spoke up: “No, it‘s the milk…It‘s been proven to be the case.” She underscored my own beliefs that we’re indirectly feeding our kids the same chemically-enhanced foods of cattle since kids drink the milk and eat the meat of those animals. At their critical point in development (puberty), they demonstrate the results of those additives in an that acceleration of growth.

Everything is speeded up, enhanced, buoyed, and that goes for the adolescent growth rate and physical maturity….pause for real concern.

Why is it a problem? Because a ramping up of the foods via chemicals brings on a host of other problems, aside from premature sexual maturation. It’s known for instance that young girls today reach puberty by 9; they begin their periods; and they’re physically capable of becoming pregnant and carrying a child. Even more troubling, many of these young girls are giving birth (the United States is #1 of all industrialized nations for the highest rate of unwanted pregnancies,) all the more disturbing since they’re not emotionally, financially, or psychologically ready to do so.

This situation creates serious all the more serious social problems down the line.

But if it weren’t for the Wikileaks group, we would never have known the situation with Monsanto and the behavior of certain food additive giants.

Wikileaks has been the whistleblower for many other high crimes perpetrated by those in power. It’s interesting to note: These are the days when everyone supposedly wants “transparency in government” (efficacy of rules and regulation, exposure of political party contributions, and politicians’ connections with business), but when transparency threatens an industry with deep pockets, one with serious government protection, national security concerns are invoked.

I don’t know about you but I want Wikileaks around, as watchdog, in the same way I wanted Ralph Nader of Consumer Reports‘ fame. Because if these folks aren’t there (to test products, investigate, warn, and blow the whistle on others), then there’s nothing to alert the public to possible dangers.

At that point, I become a clueless citizen who’s left to the “honor” of the business community.

(And here’s a picture of a mega-strawberry. Has it been genetically-altered to get it to this size? Probably. Health advocates suggest that like steroids in athletes, chemicals “bulk up” food but they cause problems. Another way to determine if food’s chemically-enhanced? It’s tasteless, something this writer has recognized.

So, does size matter? Yes, but in our food chain, it often matters in a bad way….Key is in picture to lend perspective.)

Below is the story of Britain’s awarding to Assange the coveted Martha Gelham Prize for Journalism:

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