Biddy Bytes: The Birth of Biddy

(Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus”–All right, I admit–the comparison’s hyperbole on my part.)

So, “Who is Biddy?” you ask. She is an active senior woman (65) who has had much life experience. When she retired after 30 years of teaching, she became a professional realtor for 8 years and experienced the business world. These twin careers taught her much in life. Throughout both, she wrote, and her work was picked up by magazines and newspapers.

On a personal front, she married and divorced her first husband, after a tumultuous 2-year marriage, then went on to bury two more husbands by the age of 42. As a result, she single-parented two daughters ten years apart in age.

She’s a breast cancer survivor (8 years now) who opted for reconstruction surgery twice (first didn’t take). Facing this ordeal and going through two husbands’ illnesses (one long and protracted; the other a mere 24 hours from start of attack until death,) she’s the expert witness the health industry should want to tap (to see how they can improve service), but they’re not interested. So Biddy will advise consumers.

Her life course and the trials she faced have made her an advocate. In this blog, she hopes to address what many feel is the erosion of our country, the loss of gentility and respect, the sell-out of our great nation by unscrupulous others. But she will address those issues with the belief the status quo can be changed.

In short, her message will be positive, often laced with her trademark humor.

But Biddy’s not merely about advocacy on issues. She will focus, too, on the men and women who work today to make a positive contribution to life (and you will see them on these pages or hear their stories), for they are often forgotten heroes in an era seemingly fascinated with poor behavior. Biddy will sing their praises.

How does she know countless others feel the same? You’ve told her in conversations, in the market, at the gym, along neighborhood streets.

As anyone can see, Biddy is no “old biddy” but a vibrant, caring senior woman who speaks her piece. When her words turn into “bytes” on your computer, you have the opportunity to join the dialogue.

Biddy hopes you do. She’s waiting to read your thoughts.

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A lifetime teacher and realtor who's now a published writer, Colleen Kelly Mellor is a humorist first, ever aware of the thread that connects us all. Her works have appeared in the WSJ, Providence Journal, and CNN and NY Times-acclaimed medical blog,, to name a few. All material on this blog is exclusive property of the author and cannot be reproduced without this author's express written consent.
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