Why Should Younger (as well as Older) People Read Biddy Bytes?

Answer #1:  So you don’t say something stupid to parents/grandparents (and get left out of the will).
Answer #2:  Most will be fun (I promise) or positive and encouraging, giving faith to those sorely tested by life.  How does Biddy know? She’s run the gauntlet many times; she can help you on your own life journey.

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A lifetime teacher and realtor who's now a published writer, Colleen Kelly Mellor is a humorist first, ever aware of the thread that connects us all. Her works have appeared in the WSJ, Providence Journal, and CNN and NY Times-acclaimed medical blog, kevinMD.com, to name a few. All material on this blog is exclusive property of the author and cannot be reproduced without this author's express written consent.
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