“Never Be a Politician”

Could I? No…never…not in a million years. I just couldn’t even entertain the idea of being a politician. I mean: “What motivates somebody like that?” “What genetic code do they have that makes them want to do that?”

First off, they always have to watch everything they say and end up vanilla-sizing everything, and that’s just not me.  If I have strong feelings about issues (and I do) then I don’t want to tamp down my rhetoric because it might offend.  Especially when others don’t appear to care a fig about offending my sensibilities.

I hear the politicos today.  They never take a stand on anything and waffle and weazle their way around every issue.  If it’s a hot button conservative issue and they disagree, they’re called flaming liberals.  If they’re Conservative, then they’re accused of not wanting to do right by those who are lesser fortunate. 

And there doesn’t appear to be a legitimate center lane here, folks. You MUST line up in one camp or the other.

Then, there’s the other problem with “What exactly ARE my thoughts and position on any given topic?  They tend to vacillate.  For instance, I do believe in the more liberal view that we do for those less fortunate and I

Do you remember Nancy Reagon’s famous “Just Say ‘No’ Campaign”? Well, I do–and it infuriated me. Why? Because her drug campaign was so simplistic. It told young people in ghettoes everywhere that all they had to do was turn their backs on the reality of their lives and spurn a life of crime. It didn’t matter that their reality told them they lived in a gritty world of hard drugs, corruption, prostitution, and chaos; all they had to do was take the high road. I guess the assumption was: If they did that, they, too, could rise in society.

I don’t appreciate simplistic advice regarding how those who endure hard-scrabble lives should live; it’s just not respectful.

I don’t know–maybe it was the little size 2 dresses she wore (and that size never changed–not with the stress of the Presidency; not with the her husband’s attempted murder), you know, the red ones that always bespoke her party allegiance. She was so very certain of her stance on the tough topics, but then again, she’d grown up ‘privileged,’ at least by the standards of most.

Nancy Susan Blake was born in …………., the daughter of >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Politicians appear to be so certain of their stance, even if, like John McCain, Mitt Romney, and others, they appear to change it as frequently as their …………But they give one a convincing take. They stand in front of us and wax practical, when we know reality is anything BUT that.

See link below for Blair’s positive comments on Bush


So, don’t nominate me for your party’s standard bearer because as much as I respect the need for all of us to step up to the plate (in some capacity) and serve our nation, I couldn’t be the politician. Just as someone spoke about why we should follow a certain regimen (because the fate of the world depended on it), I’d nod in agreement and then find the counter side with its argument valid, too, and that signifies impasse.

That’s when I believe myself to be wishy-washy, when really I’m just caught between the proverbial rock and a hard spot.

For the really difficult decisions we must make in life are never easily arrived at; they are usually fraught with inner turmoil and internal warring in our souls. Elsewise, they wouldn’t be “difficult.”

But some within our society would have us believe that there’s always a clear path in those moral arenas.

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