Who Reads Biddy Bytes? (And “Do the Numbers Lie?”)




Some Interesting ‘Facts’

Who’s my audience and where are you in the mix? Well my readers are primarily 25-34 year old women, for the most part. The’re single; they don’t have children (yet); they’re mostly college-educated; and they access me from computers at work  (lunch time?).

Now, I find this information fascinating. Why? Oh, I thought I’d have a fringe element of young women who follow me, but apparently they’re not a ’fringe;’ they’re my bumper crop.

Now, could this be because folks my own age (55+) don’t use computers as much?

Older folks might forget my website’s name because they didn’t copy down www.biddybytes.com and affix it to their computer (so it’d be plainly visible for the next time) or they don‘t know, either, to look in their browser drop-down bar for past history of sites visited.

Then, “Biddy” fades from memory.  How do I know? I used to ‘not know’ things like that, too (before I began blogging).

Here’s other data: The average visitor to my site (you) spends 62 minutes per visit (if you’re ‘regulars’ and you missed a whole slew of entries, you enjoy a leisurely read). If you’re new, you apparently don’t bounce off, either, to other sites  (“bounce rate“ is one of the subsets showing mine’s low–a good thing.)

Yep, it’s all there in Alexa.com (click on to see).

From another powerhouse metric, Google Analytics, I know I have 2200 visits per month (you’re one) and your all-time Favorite Posts (click on any to revisit) during these past 6 months are: (drum roll please.) 🙂

  1. If This World Threatens to Self-Destruct   about  bunker-building…These folks aren’t the Harold Camping’s  adherents who are anxious for “The Rapture.” These people want to live… even if it’s 12 feet under the earth;
  2. My Annual Health Check-up (where I failed every category, abysmally);
  3. Opening Night Extravaganza”–A pep talk to teachers everywhere or anyone who speaks before a crowd;
  4. Her Web of Lies May Get Casey Anthony the Death Penalty (I’m glad I used ‘may’ in the title cuz that didn’t pan out);
  5. Gatekeepers of the Castle”–A way-back post showing how people everywhere tend to ‘dismiss risk in benign form.’ As a result, they trust babysitting of their kids to alcoholic relatives. It resonated well with others.

But don’t take my word for the above…Just click on the Alexa.com website regarding Biddy Bytes and click again on any of the subcategories in the blue horizontal bar beginning with Traffic stats (you can do this for other favorite sites as well.)

Another interesting ‘fact:‘ Among all websites, I’m no. 349 in popularity with Providence web browsers (it’s like the airport and “Providence” means ‘Rhode Island’). Why’s that significant?  Our state’s major newspaper, the Providence Journal, clocks in at spot #41, but they’ve been maintaining their website for 17 years and have a big budget (compared to little ol’ me).

Now, think about that–of 25 million websites, I’m #349 (Google is #1, so lower in count is better).…Not too shabby.

Now, here‘s my question: If my primary readers are single, young women (actually, I have a lot of male readers, too), then doesn’t it stand to reason my next crop of adherents should be “single, young males?”

For, if the guys want to know what women like, they should tune into Biddy Bytes, also.

If this keeps up, Biddy could become a matchmaker of sorts– one for regular folk. That would suit me just fine since I can’t abide the rampant narcissism of the other who facilitates a well-heeled clientele (A.K.A. “The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger.”)

Now, there’s only one thing that bothers me?  Most who comment are older, so my question:  “Are you younger readers tongue-tied?” (And if so, can we get over that?)

But even if you disagree, by all means:  “Say it.”  Biddy encourages lively debate.  You don’t even have to tell us who you really are (FYI-former students)..You will need to put some name in and your e-mail address (it’s never published). 

Now, c’mon, my silent majority…”Speak up.”  The only thing I ask is that comments be courteus and respectful, so that “Biddy Bytes” remains true as a blog of encouragement. 
My questions?  “Are you younger or an older reader?” and  “Do you have an issue you’d like me to cover (on something you think could be improved) or do you want me to focus on something you think is done well and you’d like it honored?” Do-tell.
*****And stay tuned for next Monday’s Biddy which will advise “How to Shut Down Your Stalker at Holiday Dinners” and Wednesday’s is a feel-good post about a Rhode Island woman who was miraculously healed and now shares her spirit of Thanksgiving in a really big way.



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