When Before’s Models Were Better


The outside appearance of Bantam Chef Restaurant, in Chesnee, South Carolina, belies its greater beauty inside.  For, inside, one can see a classic 1950 Studebaker, set against a black and white tile floor.   Read about its vital statistics, engine power, and unbelievable mileage by clicking onto the lowest picture–image will be enlarged.

Now, weigh in on my question in Comment section below:  “Instead of harping on different ways to develop new products and acquire new energy sources, I wonder:  “Why don’t car manufacturers and energy experts just bring back cars like this Studebaker?”

We all apparently love these vehicles from our past and revisit them whenever we can (we drive to Chesnee, from North Carolina!) Wouldn’t you think they’d begin to see the value of such?  Or is it just too simple?


(Remember to click on the blue plackard, below, to read the impressive statistics.)

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