What Your Facebook Posts/Pix Say About You


Facebook posts are really indicative of who you are and no one knows that better than Facebook (that’s why ads are targeted to you on the sides of your Facebook page.) 

For instance, ever since I began writing the Grandpa and the Truck stories, trucker ads show up on my Facebook side bars. Facebook figures : I’ll like those. 

As a result, I’m seeing new Peterbilts (they’re big rigs) “For Sale,” or ads offering tractor-trailer driver-training courses. 

Facebook thinks I’m a Trucker or that I have dreams of becoming one.  Pretty funny, really (since I’m 66.)

But I’ll give them this:  they’re clever.

Here’s what I note:  Some people show their stripes with their Profile pics.  For instance, if I pumped in Joan Robley on my search bar, I saw her incredibly-beautiful, white-haired dog named Bailey as her Profile picture (I even did a Biddy Bytes blog post of them once.)

Why?  Her dog is most important to her (BTW, Joan’s pretty attractive, herself, as her other pics illustrate)…

So, one Facebook type? Folks closely aligned with their pets (cats work, in this category, too.)

There’s an offshoot of Pet People I call Pet People Who Espouse Pet Issues . So, coming across the screen are animals with sad eyes…or abused eyes…or dangerously-close-to-death eyes. I gotta say:  I look away; I can’t do these.

Then, there are Politically-Motivated Facebook Folks–the ones who want others to see things their way (as if that’s going to happen.)  They hope to ‘educate’ the rest of us on candidates, when the rest of us abide by that age-old adage:  “Never discuss politics or religion.”

Family-oriented is another genre.  They post—almost exclusively– pix of the kids…their mates…In fact, the Profile pic is often a little one.

Maybe they’re Foodies who know all the latest trends in preparation (you know, the ones who watch “Top Chef” on TV.)

I prefer an eclectic side to my Facebook presence.  I don’t want to give away the farm in my posts (tho’ I’ve certainly given away some of the neighboring fields) , meaning I prefer you NOT know how I stand on all issues.

What will you see?  The fact I’m a writer…My stuff isn’t political and it isn’t argumentative (except in the hands of some.)

If you scan through my actual “page” on FB, you’ll see a lot of food (I love it and make no bones about it).  All the better if it’s colorful and says ‘lobsta.’

You’ll see my idea of art, too, as I take my camera with me often, capturing scenes that take my breath away….These can be anything from a unique tree that strikes me in the sleepy hamlet of Little Compton, RI, or a metal mermaid sculpture atop the warehouse building near my daughter’s condo in Boston.

It can be a goofy time with friends, as my “Lazy Summer Sunday with Friends in East Greenwich, RI” demonstrates.….And yes, I post cute pix of family and friends.

Because I’m a multiple-personality individual, my FB posts are that, too.

Now, my question is:  How would you characterize yourself on Facebook?

Philosopher? Foodie?  Politico? Pet Advocate? Pet Lover? Family-Centered? Blessedly-Single? World Traveler? Folks with Issues to Grind? Bordering on Alcoholic? (yes, there are those who seem almost proud of it)

…or Your Own Unique Category?

Maybe you’re one of those those of you who Aren’t on Facebook at all…You’re the most intriguing group of all. The rest of us want to know:  “Why aren’t you on Facebook?”

And now–about that metal sculpture atop a building near my younger daughter’s Boston condo:

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