What Was Wrong with Gisele Bundchen’s Plea


(Gisele’s smiling and why shouldn’t she?  She’s got looks, money, and fame as highest-paid model in world.  She wanted more last Sunday…but that didn’t happen. Some things in this life turn out inordinately fair.)

Oh, please, Gisele, stop your mercenary pandering.  I mean, “Do you really think God cares who wins the Superbowl?”

If any of you out there are clueless as to what I mean, I refer to the recent plea by Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s supermodel wife, regarding her hubby’s performance in Sunday’s game.

Now, let me make it clear that she sent an e-mail out to personal friends and family (and it happened to get leaked to the media?), asking them all to implore God’s intercession to enable hubby to outperform Manning in an athletic contest (albeit the biggest one).

She went on to suggest they envision Tom victorious, following the event.  And she did this at a time when people all over the world are embroiled in real conflict, the kind where folks die if their side doesn’t win.

But then, maybe Gisele isn’t aware of the Syrian and Egyptian fiascos…Iraqi and Afghan instability….the turmoil in Sudan and other African nations. It’s not like she dabbles in real world problems, I suspect.  After all, she’s the same top model who insisted she be paid in euros for modeling jobs here, when the American dollar tanked a couple of years ago.

That means Gisele’s got a real head for business—not merely that beautifully-coiffed one we see on magazine covers.

But that’s why I feel her request was so repugnant. Her hubby’s not Tim Tebow who’s historically paid homage to a Higher Power (a.k.a. God)  from the very beginning, publicly demonstrating his humble regard for his savior.  Brady’s never done anything remotely close to that…and that’s OK.

It’s just that on the eve of the Superbowl, his wife was asking for prayer power for hubby to win the biggest prize in football…the one that comes with all that money…the ring…the prestige.

That request just rang hollow, Gisele….

And it looks like God thought so, too, for, despite the group petition, the prize wasn’t delivered.

In conclusion, Gisele:  If a Higher Power exists, He/She’s got waaayyy too many problems requiring serious attention than to be distracted with your own petty needs. Advice in the future?    Stick to the catwalk and money management and leave the winning of the game to the inevitable fairness of one team outplaying and out-strategizing the other.

It doesn’t hurt either that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning just comes across as a humble leader of his squad.

Maybe other eyes were, indeed, watching………………

P.S.  And here’s the supermodel’s reaction to the less-than-spectacular effort of hubby’s team members. Hardly a response of someone with class. Now, weigh in with your thoughts…

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