What the Psychic Said……….

(To the right is my Tarot card reader, Lillee Allee)

OK, all you folks who dabble in the realm of the mystical. This one’s for you…and Happy Halloween to everyone!

My husband and I went recently to Salem, Massachusetts, setting of the famous Witchcraft Trials in the 1600’s. It’s an annual pilgrimage we take, in October, before the crushing crowds around Halloween. We made the hour+ trip from Providence, Rhode Island.

That day we met my younger daughter and her boyfriend, who were coming in from Boston. After we connected, we strolled the town and visited the House of Seven Gables (setting for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous classic) and the Custom House (figuring prominently in the Scarlet Letter). We capped off our tour with a visit to one of the many fine eating establishments, choosing one in particular on Pickering Wharf.

Later, when we toured the shopping district, I noted a store whose big glass windows fronted the street. There, two women in colorful dress sat at tables. One was obviously in some sort of talk with those who sat across from her, and I concluded: She was in the midst of a Tarot card reading.

Leaving my little group, I went into the store, walked up to the counter, and asked how much it would cost to have my own personal read. The young woman at the counter told me $30.00 for 15 minutes, the basic. She asked if I wanted other things too, like aura or celestial…but I told her I’m a novice. As such, I wanted the minimum actual prophecy of how the rest of my life was to be, in the shortest amount of time (I’m a senior on a fixed budget).

After I gave her my credit card (even mystics take Visa), she brought me to the woman waiting in the other storefront window. Lillee would be my appointed medium. Once we began, I noted passersby titillated just as I had been. Some pressed their noses against the glass and pulled back, shocked, when we moved. They doubtless believed we were wax characters similar to those in Mme. Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Lillee’s little dog kept under the table, hidden from view by a coverlet that fell to the floor and only came out long enough to check me out and retreated. Because he sported a single tooth that escaped his mouth when shut, I felt he was a fitting accessory for anyone in the mystical arts.

Lillie handed me the Tarot cards and directed me to shuffle (well-nigh impossible since they were the size of small, stiff menus). She then told me to place one hand in a V, holding the cards lightly so they’d fall apart on their own, but I admit: I helped them separate (by my faintest of movement). She advised me NOT to encourage them, but I knew if I hadn’t, we’d sit there all day, and I’d only paid for a 15 minute read.

Now, on to my prophecy….

According to Lillie, I’m to be famous. She knew I was in some type of communication field and guessed I’m a writer. I confirmed I’ve had works published but now I write a blog. According to Lillee, my little blog (what you’re reading right now) will grow and the marketing gurus…the publishing folks… will come after ME.

I won’t need to do anything else but just keep pumping out the pieces I send three times a week (actually, that is a lot of work), and apparently my readership will begin to take hold. My audience will leap by prodigious numbers. My fame and fortune will escalate (she didn’t say I’ll appear on Oprah, but I guess by then, Oprah won’t be on Oprah, either).

She characterized my writings as “spiritual” in nature, not religious per se. “They’re enlightening and uplifting” (I swear…she said all this). She told me my blog would begin to gel in 6 months (gathering that permanent audience) but by next October, I can expect major success.

Then, she said: I should return to Salem and tell her what she knows already….that her prophecy regarding me, in September of 2010, was correct.

Now, the only thing Biddy worries about is: “How much did I affect those cards (by helping them move), thus throwing off the read?”

Click this link to meet my clairvoyant, Lillee, of Omen Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium. If you can’t make it in person, she gives phone readings. After all, the spiritual/celestial world knows no earthly bounds….


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