”Maybe We Want a Candidate Who Doesn’t Exist”

(How is this ‘encouragement’ –my express purpose for this blog?  Well, I guess I hope another will step forward, someone we don’t know yet…And that may be the real problem.  Too much vetting. It’s probably best we don’t know everything about each other.)





As a result of the Republican primary race for the highest position in the land, I admit:  I tremble, for all together, I don’t see any as a viable candidate I can wrap my head around.

For instance, Ron Paul  describes himself in one-word — ‘consistent.’  He touts the fact he’s the real Constitutionalist  in the group, the one who adheres to the spirit of the founding fathers.  You know R.P.’s not referencing ‘founding mothers’ because he’s not particularly concerned with women’s issues….He blames ‘immorality’ as the engine driving the need and expectation for contraception  and wants no government intervention there.

One would guess with the Ron Paul solution, problem pregnancies, even in situations of incest or rape, will simply take care of themselves…After all, according to him, they’re not the business of government. In Paul’s world, not much is…

Then, there’s Santorum…  I especially loved the line in the debate when he said:  “I know all about education…We’ve home-schooled 7 children.”  I wondered who the ‘we’ were, because it would appear Rick’s been engaged in travel, legislative duties, and guest-speaking gigs, over the past several years.  How else did he amass that impressive multi-million dollar income?  I believe that when he says ‘we,’ he means he did it by extension (you know, like the ‘royal we.’)  Wife Karen really is the one who taught.

Almost all roundly thump “No Child Left Behind,” though it was instituted by one of their own, President George W. Bush. They now join the chorus of critics who realized late, that the program is a bureaucratic nightmare whereby teachers, out of necessity, end up teaching to the test.  Who really gets left behind? The kids.

Santorum weighed in on the sad state of the family in America by quoting the fact that “40% of all children in this country are born to unwed mothers,” suggesting that situation portends doom for our nation, if left unchecked.

Mitt Romney  echoed the concern when he concluded:  “Certain ethnic groups have removed themselves from responsibility for raising families.”   He suggested that he, too, finds that status quo a serious problem.

Newt Gingrich, the guy who’s left two wives in difficult straits as he answered his own lust needs, decries the ‘killing of babies’ (abortion,) for he’s now a highly-vocal, born-again Catholic.

What’s their collective solution?  Get rid of big government and put the control back on the states…Go further still and wrest it from the states (still bureaucratic mishandling and growing government) and lay that mantle of responsibility on parents.

But, wait a minute….Didn’t all those Republican contenders just tell us the family is effectively eroded (the 40% crowd of unwed mothers?) So if we remove that bureaucratic control by government, won’t that mean ‘No one sets standards?’

As usual, it would appear the cadre of contenders hasn’t thought through the entire process.

And just like “No Child Left Behind,” their alternatives never provide real, workable solutions.

But before you lay the mantle of “Dem-lover,” on me, know this:  “I’m not wild about President Obama and his team, either.” Oh, I know, he inherited a horrific situation with our economy on the brink, but he gave all that TARP  money away (and insured debt for future generations) without oversight.

Yep, he gave the Bad Guys a pass…and no incentive to clean up future acts.

Then, there was the recent groveling to Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad,  asking him  “Would you consider giving us back our spy jet that meandered into your airspace?”  Why wasn’t a ‘kill switch’ on that thing to be activated immediately, when it went down in their territory?

Now, our avowed enemy has our expensive, technological know-how to clone and use against us.

Finally, the apology to Afghanistan’s President Karzai  for our clueless military folks burning the Koran?  That’s all Al Kaida needed as pretext to unleash their murderous wrath, killing more of our people. In the future, apologize judiciously.  Everyone in a schoolyard over the age of 12 knows affecting that posture to a bully invites more abuse.

Now, just maybe I want a composite character—one with the pragmatism of a Ron Paul, the heart and verbal acuity of Barak Obama, the business acumen of a Mitt Romney, the geo-political knowledge of a Newt Gingrich, and the never-say-die energy of a Santorum.

Hmmmm…heart of a lion, brain of the tin woodsman, courage of the scarecrow…sound familiar?   It just may be that we long for a candidate that doesn’t exist.

Come to think of it:  Haven’t we been down this Yellow Brick Road  before? 

What’s your thoughts on our candidate choice (including the one in office?) Or, like many, do you think it really doesn’t matter, since ‘they’re all alike,’ anyway?

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