The Wedding: Amanda Mellor and Eric O’Connell


wedding--amanda and eric in pink lightThe Wedding

wedding pic--amanda and eric8-year-old ring-bearer (one of two), in sweet gesture, bending his child’s knee when offering his future uncle and groom the ring…his 5-year-old little brother holding a sign, in the processional, reading “Here Comes the Bride”…the mariachi band processing up the main path to greet the newly-weds, erupting in music…All this, against a backwash of fuscia lighting that bathed everyone in warmth (Click on any pic throughout post to make it larger. Then use your back button, way up on top left-hand side, to bring you back to the post, itself. Try this on the pink one, here….)

This wedding was splendiferous.

I gotta admit:  I had my misgivings.  The Save-the-Date postcard, coming out months earlier, showed my daughter and her fiancée getting tattoos (they faked it for the cameras.) Then, there was the official wedding invite confirming “Day of the Dead” as the wedding date. Here are the cloth skull boutonnieres the groomsmen wore on their lapels, along with a cookie favor each guest took home…boutonnieres

We had the Bride’s Shower at our home, in Warwick, hosted by her sister Maid of Honor (I hate the term “Matron”), with an Ocean State (Rhode Island) motif, accomplished by nautical staples of chowdah and lobster rolls.   We washed that down with flutes of champagne (I had Martinelli’s) , topped off with a glorious multi-tiered chocolate cake from Gregg’s.

I feared my younger daughter had been indoctrinated into a Spanish-speaking weird biker cult, one firmly into body graffiti… tough on a mother who’d raised her kids with a traditional Catholic background. I mean:  It all definitely confused me.  She’s a high-powered, successful employee of a top-rated tech company, by day.  I feared her alter-ego reigned supreme, in the after-hours. 

But my fears proved unfounded.

The wedding venue? Roger Williams Arboretum….the land of the giant plants and leafy palms, where some 120 wedding  guests meandered along stone walkways that wove about white-clothed tables set up with desserts… candies… a huge piñata.

Following a splendid, in-your-face mariachi serenade, after the vows, the D-J spun discs and many of us worked out, for hours, on the dance floor, while a frenzied photographer bobbed and wove, taking extraordinary shots.

The food was great (Morin’s Caterers—and I strongly recommend—especially the flank steak); properly-suited waitstaff passed interesting hors d’oeuvres earlier, accompanied by a wine/beer bar that kicked off the celebration.

During dinner, we gave verbal tributes. I did my Mother’s Toast, mentioning “Amanda the Adventurer”…the world traveler…the one who’s not afraid to do things differently. I spoke about our Mother/Daughter trips…the 5-country backpacking expedition that her sister, she and I did when she was only 6 (and she carried her own backpack)…our round-England trip of 3000 miles, when she was a high school junior…our Slovenia journey a few years ago.

I noted that now she’ll have a new travel partner in a much bigger journey, as she travels through life.

Her sister focused on her sense of commitment, the type-A personality we all kid about—the same one that gets things done and allows the rest of us to function smoothly (because we can count on her.)

What I didn’t mention is the inordinate struggle she’s had earlier in life as she witnessed her Dad’s long and unsuccessful battle against cancer for two years.  He died on New Year’s Day of 1988. She experienced the death of my fiancée, two years later (she was close to him, too.) From the age of 3, she’s never known traditional family life. Throughout it all, she persevered…No, she did more than that–She graduated at the top of her class in high school and went on to get an Ivy League education, in Canada. 

Success followed success, but I didn’t trust myself to say that part.

So, I kept it light and frothy. But I believe she’s got a good and caring partner for the real important journey, a young man who’s had his own very difficult journey of loss. The two of them will now embark upon much happier times.

But I still want to know:  How does a girl whom I raised Irish/English, one who Irish step-danced her way through years of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations (all through the month of March), settle on the Mexican Day of the Dead, as her wedding theme?cropped amanda irish step-dancer

Then again, her older sister gave birth to those same twins mentioned above on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th.) 8 years ago….

Maybe my girls know something about our heritage I don’t…

Everyone does agree on one thing, however: Amanda Mellor and Eric OConnell’s wedding was “the funnest one ever.” Non-stop dancing (and no one needed a partner, for it was a group thing), a gorgeous venue, marvelous food, unique candy table, party masks….. and terrific, interesting people…

Stands to reason…The bride and groom are pretty unique in their own right.

P.S. I told them they should hire out as Wedding Planners because from all accounts, everyone thought it SPECTACULAR! Now, stay tuned for next week’s Biddy when I discuss the one word by a guest that brought down the house…

***Enjoy the photos (including worrisome Save-the-Date postcard, fearsome mask, little Fin with his placard, and crazy husband, gyrating to the beat).save the date photo--amanda and eric And do feel free to “Share” to Facebook, Twitter, etc. via buttons below my post….

mask of weddingfinn just marriedpaul acting crazy on dancefloor

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