“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

Now, if these marvelous men only had more style….Maybe wear pumps like the ones below, but, on second thought, those’d be more aptly worn to “follow the yellow brick road,” and domestic abuse is never that pretty.

Biddy salutes all the men who support women in this most-important cause. When all men take a stand against domestic violence, real change will take place….In the meantime, “Thank you” to those who march. We appreciate your putting your best foot forward (no matter how it’s dressed). The event (to raise consciousness to the serious issue of domestic abuse) is held across America on Saturday, April 30, 2011. This year is the campaign’s 10th. year anniversary.


To the right are Biddy’s favorite shoes. Of course, she doesn’t wear them, but she fervently hopes she sees them (or a reasonable facsimile) on a fine-looking gentleman who’s seriously committed to the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” campaign. She just doesn’t believe he’ll manage a mile in those shoes.

PS…For that matter, let’s see this year if any men wear those ridiculous mile-high heels young women have worn in recent years. I’ll wager we don’t see any, for men never bow to the gods of fashion; it’s just not in their DNA where “comfort rules.”

They’re smarter than us that way.

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