I’m a Purist About My Meat



Doesn’t the above (expectation) make me a hypocrite? (rhetorical–don’t answer).

For instance, here’s the bird my family had for Christmas dinner. I try to do my part…At least, I wanted our turkey to be vegetarian or vegan… even if we’re not. Oh, it hadn’t been plumped up with antibiotics, either, meaning she was a small-breasted Mama.

On its packaging, you’ll see that it was fed a vegetarian diet of grain…probably free-range grain, to boot.

Cow on the card below might be ‘vegan,’ but clearly, she’s at least ‘vegetarian’ and knows it’s unethical to eat people. Probably explains her attitude of smug superiority.

***By the way, if you like the card (and I did, for sure,) it’s by Real Life, a division of Masala and photo is by Todd Smith.  That’s Malcolm Bradley’s snippy quote….Click this link for Masala’s website…she’s in Asheville, NC…Where else can one get socially-responsible cards like this?

Check out her Masala Magnets “Still Waiting for ‘Mr. Right?’ ” Reminded me of Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham, in David Copperfield–hysterical!! I like the macabre humor of these folks–right up my alley.


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