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(Three members of the same family enjoy an idyllic spot, seaside, in a cemetery along a beach road, Westerly, Rhode Island. Photo by CKMellor)

Have you ever noticed that cemeteries are frequently in some of the most-sought-after real estate in the world, atop mountains or aside the ocean. Who’s going to enjoy that view, really? Certainly not the occasional visitors and never the residents…

Check out the link below where you can actually see a Multiple Listing site allowing you to shop for Cemetery Real Estate (same as if you were buying homes or condos for this life); they have multi-member lots, too, for sizable families who all want to be together as they go to the Great Beyond.

On a final note (pun intended), there are clubs and societies for those who share appreciation for cemeteries.

In a “Shop ‘Til You Drop” Scenario, click on the link below from the Final Arrangements Network. Their logo is: “The First Place to look for the Last Thing on Your Mind.” The first offering is for an 8-member lot whose starting price is $175,000 (they suggest they’re ‘negotiable.’) Others in that same region are $265,000–hence, this one’s a bargain.

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