Samantha B’s Fatal Flaw: the B-Word

Ann Curry of the Today Show says she ‘touched a nerve,’ and she also asked journalist-guest Samantha Brick, “Are you serious?” (in her assertion that women hate her simply because she’s beautiful.)

The journalist who’s a freelance writer for the Daily Mail stirred up a hornets’ nest on the internet this past week when her 1200 word piece documenting her own experience as a tall, slim, blonde woman hit the newsstands.

She said she’s ‘mortified’ at the global reaction to what she said and claimed it was an opinion piece on what all very attractive women suffer.

Curry countered with the fact Brick (Is she really ‘dense as a brick’?) appeared to single herself out as recipient of such treatment.  How did Curry prove it?  She stated Brick used the personal pronoun “I” sixty times in her essay, leading some to believe Brick’s ‘narcissistic.’

Now, here’s what I don’t get:  Journalists–such as Samantha Brick- KNOW the reaction their writing can provoke (reader commentary is always tracked by  newspapers and everyone in the business pretty much knows what will be incendiary.)

So, here’s what befuddles me:  Why would anyone court thousands of folks writing in telling her she’s ‘delusional,’ ‘not that hot,’ ‘needs a treadmaster,’ etc…Must be some type of experiment she’s doing, as in “What gets the MOST reaction on the web?”  If so, it’s a brilliant tack for her newspaper..and a redemption of her.

Yes, Samantha Brick managed to bring a boatload of vitriol on herself with her statement that she, indeed, has been the subject of intense jealousy, throughout her life…and all because of her striking good looks.

What features prompted such negative reaction?  She claims that, as a tall, slim blonde (she’s 41 now), she courted a lot of attention and that attention (and ardor) wasn’t always welcome.  In addition, her looks stunted relationships.

She used the B word, in reference to herself (no—not that one…the other one,) and that sent many scuttling to pump her name into computer browsers to see if indeed, she was as ‘beautiful’ as she claimed.

The discovery sent tongues a-waggin and keyboards clicking.

She claims she’s never been asked to be bridesmaid (‘too pretty’ and brides fear she’ll outshine them…Well, actually, Kate Middleton proved the validity of such with little sister Pippa stealing her thunder on her big day—Kate’s, not Pippa’s.)

Samantha’s had trouble sustaining friendships (others fearing her stealing their boyfriends.)

But here’s what I simply don’t get.  This woman knows public reaction to something they don’t like is swift and heated; they’lll go for the jugular (the writer’s), launching into ‘cruel’ and ‘caustic,’ never pulling any punches (if you don’t believe me, click over to Reader Comments on the right and see the angry response a reader wrote to my “Sex Sells at Any Age” post.)

So, I repeat:  Why’d she put herself out there for such attacks (and now that I think of it, why do I?)?

I feel there’s something else afoot here.  Perhaps this was a misguided (or guided) plan to see just how much reaction a columnist could get, by something she wrote (remember Kate Hudson’s movie character writing weekly columns for her newspaper, entitled “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?). That tack ramped up readership 100-fold for the paper.

Then, too, we all know:  Controversy sells (as in ‘there’s no bad publicity.’)

But Brick claims no deeper purpose:  she’s not a Twitter fanatic; she isn’t immersed in social networking sites; she lives a quiet life, with her dogs, in the French countryside (until this.)

In the end, this is all just too crazy…A woman who wrote a little ‘something’ that ended up being big and provocative in a period of waning public interest in newspaper stories.

Oh, the theme’s been done before…Remember, years ago, those Clairol ads:  “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful.”  And then those hated Jag-u-ar ads that presumably told us all what ‘gorgeous’ is (they got taken off the air, fast.)

The difference?  Those were fiction…This woman’s real.

But what’s your thoughts on Samantha Brick?  Why did this story take off? Did you pump her name into the browser to see if she, indeed, was ‘that hot’ (some other photos suggest ‘not.’)? Are you doing that now (to get other images?) And on a related note:  “Why do men who say such things go unchallenged while women are pilloried for those same actions?”

Click into comment section below and “Be brilliant” as Brit.-born Samantha Brick would say…if she weren’t self-muzzling for now…

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