Tony Tomaselli: Better Known as “T”

Stumped as to what to get me (or another) for Christmas?  Well, let me make it easier for you.  There’s a painting I’m absolutely in love with.  It’s hanging on an easel in a nearby East Greenwich, Rhode Island restaurant named T’s, along with many other offerings of artist, Tony Tomaselli. 

His works thrill.  Only problem? They command heady prices.  The one below that I like (of a sailboat against a salmon-patched sky) costs $2600. 

However, he’s offering a real discount in this season–He’ll sell that painting for 25% off-which means it’s now $1950 (25% off $2600.)

Then, too, if a person buys two paintings, the less expensive one is 50% off (or is it the more expensive one?)….

Now, this artist is pretty much a Renaissance Man for his accomplishments, and he’s a Rhode Island treasure. Many years ago I had him cater a Christmas party at my home, along the Bay in Edgewood, Rhode Island.  I was working full-time and taking courses, so I hadn’t a minute to do anything extra.  At the time, he ran one restaurant, the highly-successful T’s in Cranston.  For my Christmas party, he delivered both the goods and the quality, but I knew he would. He had a great reputation back then, and that’s only evolved over the years.

But as I said, he’s a Rhode Island treasure who captures iconic aspects of our state and its people in his paintings. On his website  (click–you’ll be impressed) you’ll see his hauntingly-beautiful, cityscapes, seascapes, people scapes (Hear that, North Carolinians?).  Tony loves to tell a story with his brush, a full-throated, lush rhapsody dedicated to his subject.

Because of his extraordinary talent, he’s presided over the Providence Art Club and gives workshops in his craft.

See something you like on his website?  I’ll argue that it’s hard to focus on any one, for each is a marvel of excellence.  Now, you can take advantage of his Blue Dot sale (throughout the holiday season) to buy gorgeous, real works of art (not those shameful reproductions, mass-produced) you can hang and enjoy for all time.

Tony Tomaselli, an artist who recognizes the difficult times and has adjusted his marketing to reflect such.  When he’s not painting, he’s out and about, supervising his two restaurants in Cranston and East Greenwich (there’s talk he’ll open a third, soon.)  He does catering as well. He’s in the painting below, on the right, manning the counter.  It’s a work done by another artist- friend.

Below at T’s in East Greenwich, hangs beautifully-rendered paintings, most signifying some aspect of Rhode Island life….If you go to eat there, you can enjoy a plump strawberry and whipped-cream-topped waffle, while feasting on another delight–his artistic creations along the walls.

Bring your checkbook and one (or more) of these can go home with you in a doggie bag (well, not quite)…But you get the drift. 

And Tony, here’s my question to you:  “Any chance there’ll be a further reduction on sailboat above?”  Look, I love your work but I’m a retired schoolteacher (who taught 30 years), living on a pension (and we all know where that’s gone in recent weeks.) Can we talk?

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