“The Way Life Should Be” (Maine’s Slogan, on Billboards, as Visitors Enter)

The quintessential charm of Nubble Lighthouse, built in 1879, in York, Maine, has made it the “most photographed lighthouse in America.” Its trolley system, with basket that slides over ropes between island and mainland (for groceries and supplies) was used by one lighthouse keeper to transport his young son over the rough channel, for school, drawing crowds who gathered for the twice-daily event. The Coast Guard put an end to his questionable practice in the 1960’s. Photo by CKMellor, Aug. 2010

It’s built on Savage Rock. Why “savage”? English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold named the rock such, for he first met native Americans there. Historians argue who really deserved the epithet.

(Click on link below to hear more about Cape Neddick’s Lighthouse, a.k.a. Nubble Lighthouse)


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