That Stephen Colbert Cracks Me Up!


In my humble opinion, I believe that the writers of the Colbert Report (say it “frenchified” as in  Coal-bare and Re-pore) are some of the wittiest writers on TV.

Their workplace must be wonderful, as they sit around and come up with brilliant stuff, satirizing some such figure of national prominence—a politician…a movie star…a figure of high repute.

Until they get their heads—and script– around them.  Then those important people become targets for their serious lampooning.

Take last week.  Colbert began referencing how Mitt Romney tries to be a man of the people.  The Presidential candidate  rubs shoulders with the blue collar crowd, going to factories and work events, even as he simultaneously  heads off to some high-falutin’ dressage event (another French word referring to contests the blue blood horse set frequent, where the horses dance and prance on command.)

Yes, quite simply, Colbert asserts:  The Romney horse is going to the Olympics to compete in the games.

Now, recall that Romney was pummeled this past year, in the press, for his alleged lack of pet concern that saw him cage a family dog inside a pet carrier and strap it to the roof of his car when the family went off on vacation years ago.

In other words, the pet didn’t ride inside the car with the family.

Apparently, when the dog got sick, Mitt pulled the car into a car wash, took the dog out, hosed him off, and put him back in the carrier atop the roof.

How did that play in the press?  Well, PETA and all animal lovers went wild, while comedians on late-night shows had a field day, calling attention to Romney’s callous treatment of Fido, claiming it suggested a less-than-humane side of this man who would be President.

The other night, Colbert focused on that horse, suggesting that animal might ride steerage, atop the family vehicle, as it crosses the ocean, en route to the Olympics. 

Now, the thoughts of a 1500 lb. horse tethered by bungee cords, atop the family ride, just sent me into paroxysms of laughter. I couldn’t stop crying for joy. 

You see, Colbert presents his material in deadpan fashion, just as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Because that’s what he does so well…satire.

So, at the end of the day, when I’m tired for all the things that’ve gone wrong (in my book publishing venture,) I put on the Colbert Report and give in to hysterics, relishing his witty savagery, as he strips clean another of anything suggesting hypocrisy.

 Yes, Stephen Colbert…I find him just so-o satisfying.

***And in a note of irony, husband loves this man, too. Colbert’s found a way to appeal to both of us and that universality may be his true ace in the hole.

Now, speaking of that man (my husband), I directed him (the trucker) to get on top of our car all fitted out for the Grandpa and the Truck series, mimicking the Stephen Colbert/Mitt Romney comic rendition. I figure it’s a good way to get attention…I know it worked for us when we laughed hysterically at the horse atop the Romney wagon.  Good thing he (husband) has a sense of humor.  Here he is dismounting his mount…

So far, I’ve had him get in the Wood River and dangle his hand above the surface of the water a la “Deliverance” fashion; I’ve had him be the lousy doctor in my “Bad Therapist” story, and now he lies on the roof of our car, tied with cable.  He’s my stunt man…and a good man he is.  What do you think?



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