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Does Birth Order Predispose One in Life (and Is It Iron-Clad)?

Oprah Winfrey more than fulfills expectations of a First-Born (plus, she’s got a ton of talent). The ranks of President and the US Congress are comprised, primarily, of first-borns. Conversely, protesters on a picket line–or union stewards–are often middle children? … Continue reading

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5 Steps for a Better Mammogram Experience

(Here it is–a patient’s best–and worst–friend, the mammogram machine.) (And men: “Don’t Be a Boob. Read this“…Why? 1 in 8 of the women you know will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Some men get it too.) In the past, I’ve … Continue reading

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Fisher of Women

(Statue of Christ, with arms outstretched, overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)… (Below is daughter Amanda in Biddy Bytes t-shirt, recently visiting that “Wonder of the Modern World.” Click on picture to enlarge it)…. My mother resurrected a childhood friend of … Continue reading

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