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Every March I Play Radiology Russian Roulette

  (One can either see photo positively, or negatively, as rising or setting sun.….I mostly try to stay in positive territory, emotionally, but I do admit:  As cancer survivor, this time of year, with its annual exam, wears me down.   ____________________ March … Continue reading

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Call to Arms for “National Scrunchie Day”

  (**To the right are the now-infamous scrunchies.) I’m so tired of it—the minimizing of women, that is.  You see, I’m of the generation of the 60’s, the women who “bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.”  What … Continue reading

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Iconic Photo 60 Years Later

Here she is, subject of that iconic photo named ‘American Girl,’ photographed in Italy, in 1951. Ninalee Craig is the 23-year-old American girl (at the time) who’s gone on the record to say she “wasn’t alarmed or feeling harrassed,” though … Continue reading

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