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They Call Our Home ‘Gramland’

 To the right are our 3 Caballeros (littlest one’s wearing Grammy’s wide-brimmed hat), climbing on a rail looking into the penguin pool at Roger Williams Zoo  in Providence, Rhode Island. I thought of commissioning a sign to put out by the road, signaling one’s approach to … Continue reading

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Opening Night Extravaganza

    “On your mark!…Get ready!…Go!”   (Here’s where it all happens, at schools in “Anywhere, USA,” on a night most folks dread…) Pumpkins, both live and the commercial glossy type dancing across school windows…crisp nights…high school football games and … Continue reading

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

  (Casondra Hill, a student who dared trust the bond with her teacher) It was April 30, 1992, the somber and disheartening day the African-American students in our school had finally had enough. It was the day after the verdict came … Continue reading

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