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Shades of “Deliverance”

Click here for background music of “Dueling Banjos” of “Deliverance”….                                                                            See the hand coming out of the water?  Look familiar?  Well, for you diehard movie fans, that was what loomed out of the river at the end of  the movie, … Continue reading

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I’m Paralyzed When It Comes to Investing (and in that, I’m hardly alone)

(Does he look like a gambler? Some say Alan Greenspan’s policies–as Fed Chairman–poised the US on a precipitous path) OK, I finished. It took me three days of poring over documents, checking last year’s return, making sure I’ve covered all … Continue reading

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Bike Paths: A Source of Never-Ending Beauty

(Here’s some of what you’ll see as you hum along a bike path. This one’s the Blackstone Valley Bike Path in Rhode Island, something the state did “very right, but it could just as well be ‘Anywhere USA.’ “) ***The … Continue reading

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