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The Plan for Biddy Bytes–Going Forward

  Good FridayMorning, All…. I’m all excited…My Anniversary’s coming up!  Ill be completing my 3rd. year of blogging, by the first week of July…Yep, 3 years of putting out posts, sometimes 3 X’s a week (first two years.) That means … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Separation: The Boston Bombers and Me

Yep…That’s me in the header pic….I’m in Slovenia, cuz sometimes, I  straddle even more than two worlds…. (Click on the pic to the right to see it more closely..See the top, left side, front unit? That’s where my little daughter … Continue reading

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Bank of America’s Tactics: One Customer Revolts

  Word to the wise, regarding bank practices: “Watch your statements…carefully!!!” We keep being on the losing end as Bank of America customers, and as the main character, news anchor Howard Beale, said in that 1975 movie, “Network”:  “I’m mad … Continue reading

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