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How Many Lives Have YOU Got?

    In dog or cat years, at 66, I’m 462 years old (7 X 66)…that makes me pretty darned old, but if I live to anywhere near my Mom’s age (92,) I’ll be 644 years.  That’s a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Ed Iannuccilli’s the Italian American Writer

Ed Iannuccilli is a new friend….We met as a natural progression via our shared interest in writing. Below are some words about him, straight off his blog. In the second paragraph, he trades in his academic persona in favor of … Continue reading

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In My Next Life, I Want to Be Male

(Here they are, three of the 60 that call themselves the Asheville Yacht Club. You can join them, too. The only talent you must display is a strong inclination to play.) In my next life (if there is such a … Continue reading

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