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I’m Anemophobic….What About You?

  One possibility…tho’ remote, is to the left; another to the right (it’s a ship in a storm-tossed sea).  The third, the Plains woman meandering about, I could find no picture of…so “Imagine.” I’ve only discovered recently that there’s an … Continue reading

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What Isn’t Said in “The King’s Speech”

(Australian actor Geoffrey Rush’s deft portrayal of Lionel Logue, teacher/tutor/friend to King George VI, debunks the theory that excellent teaching relies on a person’s academic preparation.) C’mon now…You know the feeling, even if it happened decades ago. So many of … Continue reading

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The Greatest Fear (Inspired by a Reader’s Comment)

It always makes the top 10 and it always tops fear of dying, by a wide swath.  So, what is it about public speaking that unnerves so many?  I have my theories, but frankly, they never matter when I’m in the … Continue reading

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