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Call to Arms for “National Scrunchie Day”

  (**To the right are the now-infamous scrunchies.) I’m so tired of it—the minimizing of women, that is.  You see, I’m of the generation of the 60’s, the women who “bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.”  What … Continue reading

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Men Who Cry (Is It Ever OK?)

(John Boehner, House Minority leader, is at the fountainhead of the waterworks conundrum. He’s known for crying easily and often. But don’t let a nationally-prominent woman try this.) Remember the movie many years ago about the transvestite in prison? He … Continue reading

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Life’s Serendipity

Where “Timing Appears to Be ‘Everything:’ ” A Tale of Two Women One woman prepared a lifetime…The other walked out on a stage.   (To the left is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, called to put out more international fires than … Continue reading

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