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What If? (No One Comes)

(Here they are, Archie and Edith from “All in the Family,” courtesy of Creative Commons.) Just saw an old episode of TV’s “All in the Family” where Edith goes to a wake and she’s chatting away with the deceased woman … Continue reading

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Does Birth Order Predispose One in Life (and Is It Iron-Clad)?

Oprah Winfrey more than fulfills expectations of a First-Born (plus, she’s got a ton of talent). The ranks of President and the US Congress are comprised, primarily, of first-borns. Conversely, protesters on a picket line–or union stewards–are often middle children? … Continue reading

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“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

Now, if these marvelous men only had more style….Maybe wear pumps like the ones below, but, on second thought, those’d be more aptly worn to “follow the yellow brick road,” and domestic abuse is never that pretty. Biddy salutes all … Continue reading

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