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What Makes for Brilliant Success in a Person?

10,000 hours of serious attention to one’s craft? Is that the number?  Yes. it’s what author Malcolm Gladwell  references as the minimum necessary if one is to become an ‘Outlier.‘ If that were the sole ingredient necessary, in the world of … Continue reading

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They Call Our Home ‘Gramland’

 To the right are our 3 Caballeros (littlest one’s wearing Grammy’s wide-brimmed hat), climbing on a rail looking into the penguin pool at Roger Williams Zoo  in Providence, Rhode Island. I thought of commissioning a sign to put out by the road, signaling one’s approach to … Continue reading

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Does Birth Order Predispose One in Life (and Is It Iron-Clad)?

Oprah Winfrey more than fulfills expectations of a First-Born (plus, she’s got a ton of talent). The ranks of President and the US Congress are comprised, primarily, of first-borns. Conversely, protesters on a picket line–or union stewards–are often middle children? … Continue reading

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