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“Let’s Talk Toilets”

(Modern European devices: Toilet on left and bidet (pronounced bee-day) on right…My 5-year-old daughter thought it a footbath. Wikipedia will tell you also how the Brit. term “loo” came about.) Don’t let the title fool you…I’m not going “trashy;” after … Continue reading

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What the Psychic Said……….

(To the right is my Tarot card reader, Lillee Allee) OK, all you folks who dabble in the realm of the mystical. This one’s for you…and Happy Halloween to everyone! My husband and I went recently to Salem, Massachusetts, setting … Continue reading

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“Can One Blog to an Older Audience?”

“Biddy” Spills Her Thoughts into Cyberspace I may be trying the unthinkable here (with my blog), for half of my intended audience (other than younger people who hope to connect better with parents/grandparents) are people my age. Why might that … Continue reading

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