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Awarding Bad Behavior: An Abuser Takes the Stage

  Chalk It Up to My 30 Years Before a Class is a book I wrote many years ago, and never published. Since so much of it is still relevant, I may publish at some point. Chapters  detail the joys … Continue reading

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To Martha Stewart’s Daughter on Her Tell-All Book…”Just Shut Up, Girl!”

  (The “Vilified One”………..  But wait til you hear “the charges.” Photo courtesy of david_shankbone in Flickr Photostream) Apparently, Martha Stewart’s  daughter, Alexis, 40, has penned a new book detailing her tough life with Mom. It’s set for release on October 18, … Continue reading

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Me Suffer the Bullies?….Not Generally (And I’m in Good Company)

Bully Bluto always muscled Popeye around… But Popeye won in the end, reclaiming both his dignity and his girlfriend, Olive Oyl (Picture of Bluto Popeye Bully Muscle_Tee, compliments of Photobucket.) index.html?hpt=T2 (Click on above link to see “Fists swinging Ohio … Continue reading

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