Sex Sells–No Matter What the Age Group


(Be forewarned:  Unlike Las Vegas, what goes on here doesn’t necessarily stay here….Your antics just could end up on the big screen…)


OK, I’ll admit it—My curiosity was piqued by the announcement that the Sundance Festival (you know, the brainchild of Robert Redford) was showcasing a film about a sex therapist who’s allegedly ‘helped’ over 700 folks achieve sexual intimacy (whatever that means).

The movie focuses on sex therapist Cheryl Cohen Greene’s  experience as she helped polio victim Mark O’Brien  achieve his goal of not dying a virgin. Apparently, polio left him paralyzed.

You know what’s even more bizarre?  Cheryl Cohen Greene’s a grandmotherly type in her 60’s; and she’s had breast cancer and reconstruction surgery. She says she had to work through her own issues considering all of the above, in order to help her clients, and I thought:  “Yeah, I’ll bet she did.”

On a CNN news clip, recently, cameras panned the area of her office where most of the ‘therapy’ takes place.  You guessed it:  She works off of a bed-like structure, with soft lighting of candles nearby, all positioned to enable intimacy.

And more unbelievable still?

She’s married.  Yep, she met her hubby you-know-where (in her practice)…She was his therapist, and he became an ardent fan.  She helped him overcome God-knows-what, and as a result, he fell in love with her.

Now, garden-variety therapists call the practice of a patient developing feelings of love and connection to the therapist, ‘transference,’ an often predictable consequence of two people working through issues in a close manner.  But, the profession never considers it appropriate to act on that.  In other words, the therapist doesn’t enter a romantic relationship with her client.  In fact, I believe they have rules forbidding such.

But apparently, sex therapists don’t recognize the same rules…or maybe any rules.

Then, too, I wonder if clients of this woman allowed themselves to be videotaped for this movie.  I mean, “Did they lie about, on the bed-like structure, discussing their sexual dysfunction, as they worked on their (or the therapist’s) erogenous zones?” “ What about the HIPAA code?”  Doesn’t such practice fly in the face (or whatever body part) of that?

When does invasion of privacy cease to be a concern, instead becoming… a preoccupation?  Does HIPAA only apply in hospital corridors and doctors’ offices?

Senior sexuality is such a hot topic right now that another site is gaining momentum, too. The female creator and author, Joan Price, maintains a blog about older folks’ sexual peccadilloes (sorry—I have to beat back a tendency here to do a Stephen Colbert  thing regarding that reference.) She’s put a call out for lurid literature…you know the really sexy stuff.  Only caveat—she wants to put your older peoples’ sex stories on her blog.

Now, I don’t know about you and maybe I’m a little prude-y, but I don’t even like hearing about the sexually-charged, prolific feats of the young with their taut, nubile bodies (I’m not a voyeur), so I definitely don’t want to hear/see something geared to participants over 60.

However, if you’re into that steamy arena, here’s her website…Just be forewarned:  If you send in your own tale and she uses it, your story might end up a contender in the Sundance Film Festival, in future years, when they make it into a film…

Hit on this link for a look into “The Surrogate.”  And see how other psych professionals view this.  Then, if you dare, Comment away:  “Do you believe this surrogate sex thing is legit or a flimsily-disguised method of extra-marital meandering?”


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