Fame is Fleeting (at least the kind you want)

Look at the shapely gams on the right, every man’s dream (unless other anatomical parts take precedence.) Think they belong to Lovely Lady Lana Turner, Ann Margaret (my husband’s personal favorite), or sultry Sharon Stone? Guess again.

This pair belongs to none other than former quarterback great, Joe Namath of the New York Jets. But my 11-year-old daughter didn’t know of his illustrious past as star athlete.

What did she say, upon seeing him appear as celebrity host at the Chicago Business Fair we attended in 1992? “Mom, there’s Joe Namath….He’s the guy in the Flexall ads” (you know, for arthritis and age-related muscle problems.)

I shushed her…I didn’t want him to hear.

Oh, how the mighty tumble….Here’s a picture of New York Jets’ star quarterback–in his heyday.

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