Ruby Tuesday: We’re So Connected


Now, I want it known right off the bat:  I only ever recommend things, places, products I personally use or stores with whom I’ve had positive interaction (see my earlier Pottery Barn, Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery, Schartner’s Farms blog posts). 

Ruby Tuesday is one such business. But in disclosure mode, I state:  I have no stock in this company (don’t know if they even offer stock, but now that I think about it–I should check), nor am I on their payroll…

I’m just a pleased consumer who values the way they do business.

But how is Ruby Tuesday smart? They’re wooing me in a good old-fashioned sense. That’s right, this restaurant chain is going after me like a man does when he’s in suitor- mode, to capture the woman of his dreams (OK, maybe that’s a bit over the top). 

Seriously, almost every week, they send me an e-mail, and it’s not one telling me how great they are, or sharing their new menu (“Hint!  Restaurants–Don’t do that.”)  No, they don’t send me anything self-serving like that.

They send coupons….Really!  I click on to their e-mail that says “We’re so connected” (I told you they’re clever.) These are not just any weak, half-baked offers, either, like ‘Get $5.00 off your next puchase.” Theirs say “Buy One (dinner/entree) Get One Free.” 

Now, THAT coupon’s a ‘saver,’ one that gets tucked away in my billfold and used in the near future before its due date expires.  As a result, Husband and I go to Ruby Tuesdays every week, and in a down economy, that’s just good business for any restaurant chain.

Just recently, too, I turned in my “free burger” coupon (a birthday gift good for the month), for a Ruby Tuesday Smokehouse Blue Burger, and I have to say:  “That coupon bought me the best burger I’ve ever had!” (seriously!)  Why was theirs so unique?  It was a perfect size (not gargantuan), on a perfect bun (not overly doughy), medium rare, with well-done bacon, aged cheddar cheese, onion rings, and special sauce (God, I sound like that old Burger King Whopper commercial, but I salivate, just thinking about it.)

You see, Ruby Tuesday’s meals are different. They don’t overpower, and in this, they’re smart, too. They avoid super-sized (see Michael Moore’s “Supersize Me” movie); veggies are slightly crunchy (never overcooked); and all’s delivered in timely fashion. 

But while you wait, you can munch on those little cheddar biscuits (delicious!) they provide as mini-appetizer. 

So, Ruby Tuesday…terrific gameplan in a tough economy.  And I’ll end by saying:  Keep sending me those coupons, friend…Your campaign offering real savings to consumners is having the desired effect on this family.  And isn’t that what wooing’s all about?

Now, do tell…got another restaurant (little guy or chain) following a similar smart plan in this tough economy? Let us all in on the secret.  Biddy’s geographic area is Rhode Island and North Carolina, specifically.

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