Report Card (6 Months Out) on Biddy Bytes!!!

This post answers the question many of you have asked: “Was the Salem psychic’s prediction right (as to success of”

The above is the Biddy card with bling, in keeping with Biddy’s purpose–to provide “sparkle” to others. Cute tee-shirts will soon make their appearance on this site, too, bearing the Biddy logo;they’ll have the trademark bling, as well.)

After almost 100 posts on topics ranging from health issues, family relationships, kids, grandkids, careers, pop culture, doctors, here are the Top 5. Why send this information to you? Because these were the topics that most captured your interest and you clicked into them with gusto. (I’ve added their links if you wish to reprise any). Drumroll……. please:

1. Top-read of all time (I kid you not!) Brussels sprouts on a stalk, a product sold at Earth Fare. I wonder if this post’s popularity is due to the fact (a) it’s so short (b) I maxed it out with other interesting information from this health food store such as Earth Fare’s “Boot List” (what you might “boot” if you want to be healthy.) It suggests avoiding HFCS–high fructose corn syrup (hard to do, since it’s in almost every product we buy). Maybe you liked this post for the fact a lone arm appears (that’s my husband’s) holding up the stalk. In any case, this post won First Place, hands down… or arm up…any way you slice it!!

2. “Jamie Lee, Activia, and Debunking John Wayne Autopsy Myth”–The fact this post commanded so much attention made me happy for I could finally “do right by John Wayne” who never deserved being saddled (sorry, cowboy) with the Gastroenterology Blockage Myth. And Jamie Lee…we women love you (no matter how revealing your ads are). Just tell Activia they shouldn’t push it. We women have our limits.

3. “True Grits” —What is it about this Southern dish that sets half the country’s gastric juices flowing.…This story came in #3. It’s like– in reading it, you actually think you’re about to wolf down this cream-of-rice-look-alike (Northerners don’t get the Southern love for this dish). You love this post, too…Every day it climbs in the charts and may be #1 by the time Biddy goes to press.

4. 5 Steps for a Better Mammogram–Yeah, you’re interested in good health maintenance, and I‘m glad to provide help in this department. I’ll share more, too, as we go along, helping inform you and prepare you. This one discusses how to make the mammogram a better experience. Notice I didn’t say “positive” since “positive’s” bad in cancer-talk.

5.. “Sister Wives” at tax time–This one was just for fun. Of course, I’d love to spearhead the drive to get into the finances of this family since they acknowledge they’re “normal” in all other capacities (except the conjugal bed, of course). Their lifestyle only really concerns me if I think we taxpayers are on the hook. It’s #5 on the list, now, but in March, when the show starts up again, this post could be no. 1.

These are the Top 5 posts…The bigger news is that “Encouragement in a Difficult World: Biddy Bytes Blog” is now in the top 1% of all websites in the world (global rank–300,000). Who says? is the Nielson ratings for websites (blogsites are websites, too) and they measure each click onto a website, when and where it comes from (US or elsewhere), how long, etc. Google Analytics is another trusted measure. They both track and confirm a website’s popularity.

In the past 6 months, Biddy’s health posts have appeared in Wall Street Journal and World Health via CNN and NY Times-acclaimed (one of top medical blogs in country), giving Biddy gravitas in the world of commentary. She makes periodic appearances in other venues as well.

As a personal note, I started writing Biddy Bytes at a critical time in life when I needed to muster all the hope I could. But I find writing “fun” only if I have an audience and that’s where you came in. I wish to “Thank” all of you who have clicked in, giving me the numbers, insuring Biddy the position she enjoys. I have attempted to make her “eclectic,” a site for everyone–young and older, all races, nationalities, and religions (and yes, atheism’s one, too) but one with a sound message: “Beauty and generosity of spirit are all about, in this world,” (even if forces would have us believe otherwise). We just sometimes need another lens to ‘see’ them.

Biddy has attempted to be that lens.

I hope you’ll stay the journey ahead where I discuss “Big Wheels A-Turning” (capsule image of a truckers’ life), “To Tat’ or Not: the Pitfalls of Heavy Tattooing,” “Birth Order and Where Do You Fit?” to name just a few….I told you: Biddy’s eclectic.

By the way, which was your favorite post?…Go to Comment or Leave a Comment; your e-mail address is requested but never given out. Promise. As we continue on, I hope more of you will respond, since Biddy loves Comments.

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