Remember–New Post Tomorrow–Tuesday


But I don’t blame you for being mixed up…When I’m running two blogs (as I am now) and the book release, it gets pretty confusing in this mind of mine (“How many people are in here, anyway?”)  Sort of reminds me of Jonathan Winters…I recall reading he had to periodically go away and ‘rest,’ for he continually got mixed up with all the characters’ parts he took on…couldn’t remember where one left off and the other began.

I think of this, too, whenever I hear Robin Williams in his various cinematic parts he’s played.  He’s either pure genius or crazy nutcase. But, seriously, how does he continually switch gears, accents, so flawlessly?  It’s pure testament to his abilities as an actor.

So, come by tomorrow where I hope to help you in something you might be considering…But you’ll have to drop by to hear me out.  ‘Til then….

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