Put Biddy on a Sticky


Please…put www.biddybytes.com on a sticky (no, not the bun, silly!) and post it on/near your computer. But do consider her a Sweet Surprise!

Why? I know that if you like these columns and you don’t do that, you’ll forget how to get back to me.  Then, you’ll say “What was that site?” “Geez, why didn’t I write it down?” But then, maybe you did and you misplaced the notebook paper it was on. I’ve done that a million times, too, and in that vast net of the worldwide web, it’s next to impossible to randomly find a site again.

After all, according to Google, there are 25 million websites, and the numbers grow steadily each day. Not hard to believe since the world population just recently hit 7 billion.

Occasionally, I’ve found a really good site where I liked the writer’s style; she didn’t use a ton of profanity (you know, hyperbolic use of the F-word); and her content was spot-on, but I couldn’t get back there…I forgot to copy it down and keep the site address nearby.

Now, I know it exists somewhere in the Milky Way  of the worldwide web…it’s just I won’t be going there any time soon.

I sort of feel like some poor astronaut who went out to repair damage to the outer shell of the space capsule suddenly cut from the tether line that connects him to the craft. Now he must float around in space forever, until he dies (OK, maybe that’s too strong an analogy).

Because I learned the hard way, I tell Husband all the time: “Copy down your log-in’s and passwords for any site you use and keep those a folder marked “Log-In’s and Passwords.” What happens? He forgets to do that and then I hear him at his computer, building in volume and fury, swearing profusely (OK, I admit, he never uses the base language I do) as he pumps in the wrong information for that site.

Time and time again, he’s ‘rejected.’

That’s when I become that little know-it-all-who-someone-just-wants-to-slap, asking: “Did you copy down your Log-In and Password?” (He loves that.) You see, I realize that he’ll have to suffer this way about a zillion times before he finally learns he must do that.

How do I know? I did (or didn’t do) the same thing for about a zillion times.

So, since I know these things, and I want you aboard my spacecraft, for all time, please: Copy down my web address (URL in computer parlance) of www.biddybytes.com, and post it on sticky note or tape it ‘to’ or ‘near’ your computer….right now.

That way you can find me easily, in the future. Otherwise, we’re both adrift, in the worldwide web, where my readers are random drop-in’s. I want a different relationship with you…I want you as a regular “player.”

Here’s where we end up if you don’t…They don’t call it ‘milky’ for nothing….

And tell us:  “Have you been frustrated by your own not writing down the log-in/passwords, or websites’ names (URL’s)?” Do tell… But first…please…write the sticky of www.biddybytes.com and plaster it to your computer (any little taped note paper will do,) so we can find each other in the New Year. 

And speaking of that–Have a terrific 2012, and may all your resolutions come true. See the picture on the top of this post?  Giving up those is one of mine…

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