Pottery Barn: Cornucopia of Delights

***Here’s my recent purchase, a pillow (the tag’s still attached) that reads: Poulet de Mer. It cost me $12.00 but if you want the insert, too, the combination will cost you more. I didn’t need it, so I got a bargain. But I must say: Hubby wants to know “What’s with your fascination with the fish?” And to tell the truth: I really don’t know. All I know is that this pillow intrigued me, and that very well may be the primary reason for Pottery Barn’s success….It knows what will appeal.

I have few really favorite stores but I must admit–Pottery Barn is one. Why? Whoever designs their stores does a really bang-up job. I mean, going into one is a sensual experience for its lay-out, design, seasonal offerings, etc.

The colors sooth; the ambiance thrills. To my mind, a visit there is like a field trip for adults (OK, I guess my life lacks true excitement).

This recent spring, I thought the Providence, Rhode Island PB outperformed in the visual splendor category. Faux plants sat in pottery urns (also faux?), lanterns held fat candles ready to regale backyard festivities…Bedding accessories of comforters, duvets, and pillowcases carried the garden motif. Soaps and fragrances further lulled.

In fall (my “fave” season), PB ramps up Harvest time and Halloween, in the “Let’s get ready to hunker down…but not yet” theme. Later, just before winter, they set out all the nesting accoutrement, acknowledging that folks want to pull in, draw the drapes, and pile on the afghans.

And Christmas…well, it’s almost impossible for a store NOT to look pretty all decked out in garlands and twinkling lights. But many are tacky wonderlands while PB does it tastefully.

Their seasonal offerings suggest the good life and bespeak “creature comforts.”

But now, the time after the 4th. of July and before school reopens, is the languid season, my absolute favorite time, for it’s the time of BIG sales.

And true to my expectations, I found a real treat recently–a pillow I just couldn’t do without. On its cover is Poulet de Mer, which is French for Chicken of the Sea (one needs know that or mistake Poulet de Mer for a species of fish.)

Off-center is a fat fish, while to the side is prominent sea coral of fuscia, a nice opposing theme to an otherwise bland palette. I knew the dash of hot pink would spark up my cream-colored couch.

Now, Chicken of the Sea is a name of a tunafish company that’s been in operation as long as I can remember. But it’s a name made famous in recent years by none other than Jessica Simpson in one of the early episodes of former husband Nick’s and her “Newlyweds” series. In one memorable scene (where Jessica effects a dumb blonde similarity to Gracie Allen of the comedy pair George Burns and Gracie Allen,) Jessica asks about the food she is eating: “Is Chicken of the Sea chicken or fish?”

In genius mode, Pottery Barn’s woven all of this into one small offering: A classic line uttered by a pop icon (no matter what one thinks of Jessica Simpson, she’s anything but ‘dumb;’), reference to the tunafish giant, and a plump pillow suggesting comfort.

As I said, Pottery Barn is sheer genius, and that’s why I (as consumer) keep going into their stores. Their carefully-selected delights deliver on so many levels. But don’t take my word for it…Visit one yourself.

***In full disclosure mode, this writer states she’s not a Pottery Barn stock holder, investor, paid employee, etc…She’s merely one who recognizes a retail giant that seems to do things right.

***And now, from Yahoo.com, some information about that other catchy name…you know the one Jessica Simpson stirred so much speculation about: http://ask.yahoo.com/20031229.html

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