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Some years back, a North Carolina friend asked me:  “Why don’t you write about your husband’s trucking career?”  I thought about it and I have to admit:  I thought no one would want to read hubby’s trucker tales, in the words of an English teacher.  Just didn’t seem right.

So, the idea just wafted…in my head.

Over the next years, I thought about it, periodically, and then, one day, it hit.  “Why don’t I write the tales for children?  Then, I don’t have to be so formal.” 

But I still wasn’t sure, so I test-drove those stories to our little grandkids. 

The rest is history.  When I saw their reaction, I got to work in earnest, and my trucker husband and I compiled our stories.  Next, we identified and hired our illustrator… out of a field of contenders. 

Now, the books are coming down the “superslab” (trucker talk for “highway,”) after a long, almost-nonstop effort. 

If I ever say again:  “How hard can it be?” (writing a children’s book, that is,) you have my permission to just shoot me! 

I had no idea what was entailed in this project.  But now I do….

To see what all the fuss is about (and to see why Biddy Bytes’s posts have been so-o haphazard lately), you’ll understand by checking in at this site.  You can order books there, too. 

I’m delighted to say several people so far have been ordering them as gifts for little ones for the holidays ahead.  I take it as a personal endorsement that they believe I’ll produce a quality item, and I believe they’ll be most happy with this book and hopefully those that follow (we’re going for longevity here, folks.)

Thank you all for your continued support throughout these past two years as readers of Biddy Bytes and now, in ordering the books I hope will give much enjoyment (and important life lessons) to little ones as they start down this path of life.

If you missed the link before, here it is again (links to see and/or order books) are at this website. 

P.S.  We think you’re going to love the stories, too, even if you happen to be an adult.  It’s OK…Most people know very little about the life of an actual, long-distance trucker. We plan on changing all that and giving you a window on that most unique world.

Here’s what else you can get at the website–t-shirts, not the kids.  These little guys are wearing these t’s in honor of the man who drove the big rigs all those years.  But never fear.  Becaause Grandma’s a “girl,” she wrote stories that girls will like, too.  That’s why the first story in Book 2 (not published yet–but soon), “Girl Truckers,” focuses on two women who cracked the glass ceiling of the industry to become fantastic long-haul truckers.  They’re the twin daughters of veteran trucker “Leatherneck” O’Day, two women who set the industry on its ear.

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