Pets’ ‘Pets’ (Their Owners)

From a a pet boutique (Blazen Skyy–far right) selling fabulous collars of the halter type (to “stop pet nudity”), leashes, “smart toys,” and holistic pet food, to a pet-sitting business, a consortium of many sitters one of which is “Anything But Alligators,” at (lower right) where pet sitters “Have suitcase/will travel” and stay in pet owners’ homes (sometimes one member of a couple doesn’t even realize it), to a young woman (Shawna) whose fascination for pink extended to dying her pet poodle’s coat and painting her nails bright pink (she calls the dog her “Mini-Me”), they were all there at the recent Asheville Pet Expo.

Just a small example of how pets drive a mega-million dollar industry in this country and spawn cottage industries galore.

This writer’s observation: Pet owners appear happier than the average Joe or Jane. …. Feel free to Comment or Leave a Comment.

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