PCW: It’s Like ‘Boiler Room’… without the Crack


OK, it’s not quite like this (image from the movie) in that most of the guys at PCW wear the obligatory t-shirts and jeans, but you get the idea. They’re all working together, however, manning constantly-ringing phones, soothing customers’ fears and helping them separate so they can fix those mechanical beasts we consumers have all become addicted to (computers.) 

***Disclaimer:  What Biddy recommends is solely based on her own experiences as consumer.  She wants it known:  She speaks for no others and she’s no expert…especially in the tech world. But she does recognize good service and product for the money. 

Remember the movie some years back that focused on the frenzied life of Wall Street brokers, a group of young who ate, slept, and grew wealthy or poor on the vagaries of the Stock Market? “Boiler Room” captured the frenzied lives of those young who lived in the bubble, trying to ascertain the nuances of a market that would tumble many a seasoned investor. It was a giddy world of hype and narcissistic pleasure, often stoked by their own inflated egos and illegal drugs.

The physical plant they worked in?  They called it the Boiler Room.

The computer fix-up place, PCW, on Bald Hill Road in Warwick, Rhode Island, reminds me of a little of that (without the drugs, market froth, or heady pay-days, of  course.) As consumer, I love it. Who mans it?  A staff of several young who seemingly all work together to get crashed computers back into the hands of folks who suffer serious separation anxiety (I can’t stand it when my computer’s down!)

When my computer’s sick, I suffer for the sheer fact I run this blog and the thought I might have to go several days without it is not even in the realm of possibilities…So I panic.

And if I want to look up other places to service it, I can’t.  Why? I’d use my computer to do that, as in Googling “Rhode Island Places That Fix Computers.” If my computer’s down, I lack that resource.

Why can’t I use a phone book? Oh, I threw them all out years ago, when Google and my computer’s browser made them obsolete (Hint, young people:  “Don’t do that.”)

That means:  If my computer’s down, I’m seriously “dead in the water.”

Because PCW’s a visible presence on Bald Hill Road in Warwick, Rhode Island, I found it.  But, it’s the attitude of these young men who make the place a “find.”  They’ll work with you (Russell M’s my tech man there,) and if they don’t fix it the first time, they’ll huddle over it, with you, to discover just what the problem is.  Why is that important to me? They’re a world different from my experience at others where I’m supposed to just leave it and retrieve it–in 5-6 days. Best Buy’s Geek Squad quotes that timeframe. Pricetag for me on past occasions there? $300.

At PCW, they discuss the problem with you; they’re most reasonable;…and they take the time.  And in an era when that element (time) is given grudgingly, this customer finds them a breath of fresh air.

Now, got your own computer rescue shop where they give great service and fix the problem fast and reasonably? (we also live in Western North Carolina, so feel free to mention any place there, as well.)  Share the wealth…Comment section is below.

And PCW, please note:  If you get a serious bump-up in business as result of this post, please continue servicing Biddy Bytes on your quick turn-around basis. I can’t lose you guys…I’d freak out, big time..

Here’s their website  for driving directions and telephone numbers (I know you’ll need cuz your computer’s down.)

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