Patient Witness: My Lifelong Journey Thru the American Healthcare System

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My plan, for years, was to write the story of my husband’s 18-month, lung cancer ordeal and its fall-out on us–his family. I wanted to write what I’d learned.

But then, there was my own breast cancer and 5 operations…Next, the death of my fiancee, 24 hours after he experienced a heart attack…

It seemed every time I came up for air, I was hit again by a giant wave that knocked me down. Life was just too demanding.

But when my husband (yes, my ‘current’ one) and I endured a terrible medical experience, in Asheville, NC, three years ago, echoing a familiar theme (doctors dismissed my concerns,) I determined to remain mute no longer. Life had changed me.

In all the years prior, I’d become a titan who now used her knowledge and experience to advocate for my husband.  It’d be a long, tough journey, but I prevailed.

Soon, I’ll share my information with you, in my book,  Patient Witness (to be offered soon at  In the meantime, I give tasty morsels of the topics I cover in the author bio. section, in the lower part of the header picture on that site.

You’ll learn how you can increase success in interaction with those in the health care field. It’ll also show you what to steer clear of, too, as I share mistakes I made.

Some recount terrible experiences; others are hilarious; all are illuminating. The setting for these accounts is in Rhode Island and North Carolina, over the course of 60+ years, which tells me the problems I encountered know no limits of time or geography.

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