“Oh, Gourd….Just look at these!”


Celebrations in order–This is Biddy Bytes 200th. post.  That’s right..As of today, I’ve written and sent out 200 (some serious; others informative; most  ‘funny’ even if they bear my trademark skewed humor.) I hope you’ve enjoyed. 

And speaking of ‘funny,’ tune in on Friday to read my next account (warning:  it’s risque)–“Biddy Blunders at the Beauty Lounge at Magnolia Salon.” 🙂

Now, to help us all enjoy the season, here are some of my “friends” to lend a festive air to the time

“For Sale” at Schartner’s Farm, in Exeter, Rhode Island, these ghostly props are spooky delights…I bought some to scare (a little) my little guys.  Just peg them into the ground and wait for the howls (of delight, I hope.) They glow in the dark, too, just as every proper ghost should.

Smaller versions are available, too, made of stretched netting fabric.  They glow, too. (See bottom picture, left).  Finally, there are those magical gourds–natural products all–that grow that way, with their colors in strata.  We thought they must have been painted. 

But my question regarding the gourds:  Are they vegetables (like squash)? Do you bake them or simply set them on your table and grin at their singular, dressed-up appearance? 

For, if they aren’t hankering for a party, I don’t know what veggie in its natural state is. 

Just Nature and Humankind joining together at a fun time of year.

Now, feel free to comment on any of the above…Maybe answer my “gourd question” (Do you eat these?) But come to think of it:  I’ve just never seen a good gourd recipe or seen a gourd bake-off.

Answer:  If you go to “Comments” below, you’ll see that Southern friend Cynthia, advised me (1) they’re decorative and (2) there’s a “National Gourd Lady” (can you believe?) who’s got her own page on Facebook and has been guest on Jay Leno. That’s her picture below, cap and ‘earrings’ as whimsical touch. Sparky’s her name…What a hoot!  She’s like the Grandma Moses of Gourds, an industry all her own who appears at Crafts Festivals all over.

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