Noted Critic Learns: Fat Jokes Don’t Sell


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(Melissa McCarthy  doesn’t need Rex Reed’s  support:  She’s a smash success on her own and only becoming a bigger star with each new success.)

Rex Reed, the New York Observer’s renowned movie critic, got some stern criticizing of his own lately, on the heels of his recent scathing review of Melissa McCarthy’s movie, “Identity Thief.”

Why? Instead of praising or condemning the movie and/or the actors’ acting, Reed attempted to reduce McCarthy to mockery, in the vilest manner, describing her as ‘tractor-sized,’ ‘humongous creep’ (is this junior high?), ‘female hippo.’

In so doing, he showed supreme poor taste.

Melissa never deserved his ridicule…No one does.

Now, I don’t know what’s happened in recent years where supposed critics feel justified in attacking the looks…or life situation of an artist. But that’s what they’re doing.

Oh, sure, that happened in the Charlie Sheen  situation, but Sheen invited that reaction…In fact, he almost begged for it.  His over-the-top antics demanded response where some appropriate perspective ruled the day.  He was flat-out unacceptable, and a true, life-sized version of the narcissistic fool he portrays on his former weekly TV show, “Two and a Half Men.” 

But he, himself, made the dynamic between his producers and himself fodder for public analysis:  his took to the airwaves…his appeared as frequent guest on late night TV…he released his own version of events to all who’d listen.

All were pretty outrageous and all appeared a silly, juvenile attempt to reclaim his image. 

What really happened?  An ever-fickle public turned on Charlie Sheen.

A similar thing’s happening in the Reed/ McCarthy debacle, where Reed’s become the focus of fury.

Why?  Melissa McCarthy doesn’t deserve Reed’s scorn and ridicule.  For, whatever this critic thinks of her physical traits, McCarthy’s comedic timing is genius and her recent roles demonstrate her connectivity with the public.

“Identity Thief,” co-starring Jason Bateman is only her latest triumph. The movie, “Bridesmaids,” was a stellar achievement for the actress, as is her continuing success with her weekly television series, “Mike & Molly.”

And Rex Reed?  Well, he shows his inability to read a situation he obviously doesn’t understand. In his review, he goes for the McCarthy jugular, when, in fact, he never needed to.

He could have slammed the movie on its perceived cinematic failures, alone. 

Now, he’s given its wings, and MM will be laughing all the way to the bank.

In future, Rex, avoid making a consummate fool of yourself, and keep to the script of weighing a movie’s merits…not weighing its stars’ physical traits.  We mostly just think your unkind cuts paint you as a very nasty fellow who stoops to petty name-calling for the simple fact you haven’t done your homework.

Maybe you didn’t even see the movie.

At the end of the day, no one wants to hear you slam McCarthy because she’s not Hollywood’s norm.  That’s not what you’re hired to do….

This hurling of epithets just makes you appear bloated, feeding too much on your own inflated ego.

That’s the real issue here…Rex….At the end of the day, your movie review is about YOU and your preoccupation with another’s weight.

And as if it wasn’t enough, when he body-slammed this actress, here’s Rex’s rebuttal of why he shouldn’t be portrayed the villain.  Give us your thoughts…Was Rex over the line…Is an apology in order?

Speaking of attention one doesn’t deserve, here’s the opposite take on that same subject from a world-reknowned model who’s brave enough to speak the truth.

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