New Biddy Schedule

Hello readers…

At present, I, (Colleen Kelly Mellor, Biddy’s alter-ego) work on a book I’lll publish, so “Biddy Bytes” has a new, abbreviated schedule: I’ll post new stories twice a week–on Mondays and Fridays.

So, faithful readers, I invite you to check in on those days especially and add your comments… the section beneath each post..Just keep scanning through the list at bottom of each post til you find Comments or Leave a Comment.

In speaking with so many of you, you tell me: “But I don’t know where or how to comment, so I don’t.” Many of you even send me a personal e-mail giving me your thoughts on any given post and these do not appear on the Biddy Bytes website since I believe you don’t want them to.

But here’s what I say: I’m anxious for your thoughts and dialogue with you, my readers; otherwise, I’m the only one speaking (decidedly NOT my preference.) So, please give Commenting a shot and see how easy it is to make your thoughts known on any given subject.

You’ll need to leave your name (you can make one up, if you prefer), an e-mail address (that’s never given out–promise) and then write your message.

If you’re a new commenter, it will say “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” That’s the site’s way to determine first if the comment is legit. It will appear after a while, so check in again to see your comment on Biddy Bytes. In this way, you’ll be published, too.

As ever, “Thanks” for stopping by and continuing the journey together……….

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A lifetime teacher and realtor who's now a published writer, Colleen Kelly Mellor is a humorist first, ever aware of the thread that connects us all. Her works have appeared in the WSJ, Providence Journal, and CNN and NY Times-acclaimed medical blog,, to name a few. All material on this blog is exclusive property of the author and cannot be reproduced without this author's express written consent.
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