New Biddy Schedule and Grandpa and the Truck T-Shirts


Want one of these?  The shirts–not the kids…If so, read on…

For instance, you might want your kids to stand out in a crowd (if so–read on.) 

I’ve got just the answer (but you’ll have to keep tuning in to for updates on progress…)

Also…don’t mean to confuse but because I’m now doing two websites– and–that means my schedule will be different for this site (I’ll need to  post separately to each.) 

Occasionally, there may be some overlap of material…like now.

Here’s the plan–I hope to post frequently to Biddy and give periodic progress reports on the books’ readiness on the site (scroll beneath top post)…So do stop by to both, often, to see how things are going.

Soon, t-shirts will become available for purchase on site and they are ‘cute.’

These shirts already created quite a stir in New Jersey this weekend where we first gave them to our little boys (they’re the inspiration for the stories.) Their Dad said the boys wore them when they all went to the Mall.  While there, Mom took the littlest one with her, and Dad kept the 7-year old twins with him.

But Mom and little Finn didn’t make it back to their appointed hour to meet up with the rest of the family (emergency stop for the little guy) and when a woman overheard Dad wondering aloud where they were, she piped up “Did the other little boy have that same shirt on?”  Oh, I saw them in the ladies’ room at Macy’s…”

Also, she thought the shirts ‘cute,’ and wondered where she could get one…

So, the shirts are already making an impact…all the better for families who want their kids to stand out in a crowd..

If they wear the same shirt (preferably the type), they’ll do just that, for apparently people notice (that woman did.)

They’ll be for sale soon on the site, so please check in periodically.

Biddy will see you tomorrow–Tuesday–with a fresh post…

What’s doing in the meantime? We’re getting ourselves fully outfitted with CB radio, etc., so we can more easily talk to truckers along the nation’s highways.  We intend to use all channels to communicate…It’ll be familiar territory for hubby…

“10-4, good buddy…”


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