Missing in the Casey Anthony Verdict: Common Sense

(I realize that Biddy Bytes has focused on the Casey Anthony trial/verdict twice this month, but I believe what went on here is a wake-up call for America and its current system of “justice.” In short, I fear defense attorneys will now offer such a mix of crazy, unsupported theories to get criminals “off” that they’ll befuddle the jury. If this trend continues, justice will not only be blind; she’ll lack a healthy component of common sense, something even the Bible touts as sacrosanct: Remember the “two mothers claiming the same child outcome”? We all recognize that judge’s common sense solution.)


Wow…I’m still reeling from the Casey Anthony trial and verdict. Yes, I sat glued to the drama every day for 61 days. There’s a good reason: Like millions of women across America (and the world) I was a single parent who raised a little girl…twice. My daughters were 10 years apart in age. I know the young single Mom frustration, personally.

As such, the Casey saga kept me spellbound.

I watched her in court looking modest and demure in her little blouses with ruffles, her face expressionless like the Spinx or Mona Lisa. Sometimes, there was a hint of a smile, and the pundits pounced. They wondered what her expression conveyed. Her court persona was a 180 degree change from the one we all saw in the Hot Body contest…the one gyrating on the club scene.

Quite simply Casey Anthony sucked everyone into her web. HLN’s Dr. Drew called her behavior a disturbing one that created a “vortex of chaos.” He talked about getting ill, just thinking about what she’d done, and he’s a doctor, for God’s sake. One would think he’d be used to aberrant characters.

In the process, she made fools of everyone. The nightly parade of judicial experts who laughed at her lawyer, Jose Baez. They accused him of theatrics, casting unsupportable assertions that’d never work.

So-called experts went on to say that Baez would make the jury furious for not delivering proof of his charges. That never happened, either In fact, it would appear the jury bought into his theories.

In the end, the jury acquitted Casey Anthony, the very last person anyone saw with the child, the one who common sense says “killed that baby.” The jury claims they had doubts, despite the fact that 6 of them thought her guilty of the deed and voted that way in the first round.

It apparently only took a few more hours to dissuade all 6 of them from their position, leading the rest of us to believe: Someone in that room must have been a powerful talker.

They apparently wanted a CSI, forensic-clad case of surety, though we never see those in actuality. And I now wonder: If that’s the standard, why are wife and baby killer, Scott Peterson, and alleged wife, serial-killer Drew Peterson still in jail (one is on Death Row and the other awaits trial.) After all, no jury had solid eye-witness or DNA evidence there, either.

Common sense says both are killers who disposed of their wives in the most callous of manner.

And what about the tattoo of “La Bella Vita” on Casey’s back? The young Mom says she commissioned it as a remembrance of her child. The problem with that? Caylee’s name isn’t inscribed on her “memorial.”

Common sense says a mother commissioning a memorial tattoo for her child would do that.

Finally, some jury members now offer there was confusion, as in: “Maybe Grandfather George had a significant hand in the killing and disposing of his grandchild.” Why? They believe he lied about his alleged affair with the searcher.

Now, I ask: Isn’t lying about one’s affair with another woman standard practice (especially within earshot of the spouse)? Didn’t Bill Clinton do that? And John Edwards? Or Sen. Larry Craig (of the ‘I have a wide stance‘ excuse.)?

George’s demeanor and actions following the child’s absence argue the opposite. Remember, too, that George spent vast sums of his own money in a campaign to find that child.

Common sense says the real killer wouldn’t do that.

I’m hoping this trial and verdict were an anomaly, but I just don’t know. I fear that the Casey Anthony case will became the gold standard for justice in America: Juries will need incontrovertible proof of a crime before they indict and/or find someone guilty. Even taped witness to murder will fall under a slick lawyer’s obfuscation of the facts.

I can see the movie coming out on the “Lifetime” channel: “Bella Vita,” will focus on the person at the heart of the drama, Casey Anthony, as she reaps fame and monetary rewards for the crime we all believe she did..

And that’s just not common sense….

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