Merry Christmas 2013!!! And Happy New Year in 2014!!!

other paint christmas treeFor the next two weeks, Biddy Bytes will be on holiday break and will resume new posts on January 6, 2014.

In the meantime….

Enjoy our Christmas tree…It’s all lit up and festooned with lights and ornaments from a long way back….but not all the way back. A 3 foot flood in the basement of our former home destroyed those…

It’s OK…We got to make a totally fresh start and that actually worked out for the better because my little family desperately needed that fresh start.

Speaking of new beginnings, I’ll soon make a big announcement concerning a fun, new writing job I’ve taken on (it would appear I elude complete retirement.) Maybe some of you out there do the same (avoid retirement, I mean.)

Finally, there’s my book, Patient Witness. Its catalyst is the event that happened in the region to which we will soon be going–Asheville. I plan to pretty much hibernate there, while I complete the editing process. Then I’ll move to publish my book, either through traditional channels or self-publishing.

At this wonderful time of year, I extend to you all my best wishes for a blessed and beautiful holiday season….I wish you joy, too, in the New Year.

P.S.  The picture at the top of my blog?  It figures into the announcement I’ll make, so please Stay tuned…And tell me, too, your plans for the coming year. Anything new on your horizon?

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