Healthy Foods for the New Year

At Earth Fare, which is similar to Whole Foods, brussel sprout stalks (I didn’t know they grew that way) are $5.99 a lb…Why are stalks more expensive than loose ($2.99 a lb.). Supposedly sweeter on the stalk.

On a related note, health food advocates recommend avoiding HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in food products. That’s tough to do in that it’s in almost everything one buys at conventional grocery stores (Click on the link to see the list of common offending products below and possible replacements and read, too, Earth Fare’s “Food Philosophy.”)…

(Earth Fare’s “kid station” encourages healthy eating. But please remember: Biddy isn’t a food/nutrition expert. Just hoping to be a wise consumer who’s read a lot about the baleful effects of HFCS and wants to share the information she gleaned at the Earth Fare site.)

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